Wood Panel Industry

  • Water evaporation: from 2 t/h to 65 t/h
  • Engineering and custom design
  • Robust construction
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • High security level
  • Homogeneous final product
Technical features
  • Directly heated by a combustion chamber (dust, gas or fuel), biomass combustion chamber or cogeneration
  • One path drum, three path execution or three/one path system
  • With or without “flash” pre-dryer
  • Product discharge and separation with outlet elbow, drop box or cyclone separator
  • Dust separation with high efficiency ciclones and additional filter systems (if required)
  • With waste gas return system in order to reduce the waste gas volume and energy consumption
  • Control and visualization systems of the latest generation
Curitibanos, Brazil
Product Wood chips
Drum size Ø 6,6 x 28 m
Water evaporation 50.000 kg/h
Throughput 33.000 kg/h dry
Initial moisture 155 % b.d.
Final moisture 2,5 % ± 0,5 % b.d.
Teno, Chile
Product Wood chips
Drum size Ø 5,6 x 24 m
Water evaporation 31.800 kg/h
Throughput 27.000 kg/h dry
Initial moisture 120 % b.d.
Final moisture 2 % ± 0,5 % b.d.
Guarapuava, Brazil
Product Wood chips
Drum size Ø 4,4 x 20 m
Water evaporation 14.000 kg/h
Throughput 13.000 kg/h dry
Initial moisture 110 % b.d.
Final moisture 1,5 ± 0,5 % b.d.


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