• 1981 year of incorporation of the company in Barcelona.
  • 1983 supply of the first dryer for wood shavings.
  • Since 1983 the activity of the RECALOR team focuses on the development and innovation of drying plants.
  • 1988 we start our export activity with the supply of a dryer for wood shavings to Ireland.
  • 1989 we export the first installation outside the European Union, to Brazil.
  • 2001 supply of the first dryer for grape residues, starting the development of premises for products not related with wood.
  • 2002 transfer to our new offices in Molins de Rei, more spacious and better communicated.
  • 2004 supply of the first dryers for wood shavings intended for the manufacturing of wood pellets (destination of the premises: Estonia and Lithuania).
  • 2010 our business alliance improves with other important European suppliers of machinery in the wood sector with a view to providing all-in production solutions.

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